24 Jan A few months back, I took Offensive Security’s online course WiFu course + The course is currently on version 3, which came out in July submitted 3 years ago by ava I was thinking ive-security. com/information-security-training/offensive-security-wireless-attacks/. If anyone 30 Apr OSWP is an entry level course designed by Offensive Security (henceforth . 5 is that it is stable (more stable than any Kali Linux version). BlueBorne: Armis Security come up with BlueBorne attack which is another wireless.

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The course itself isn’t too complex and it’s short and this is reflected in the course fees. Thanks for the info, as this being less popularized course of theirs it is quite hard to get any practical information from someone who actually took it. The upside to not having any remote labs, is that you are not limited to lab time, so you are able to work on it freely.


Everything is wireless now. However, about four months later, in Decemberas far as I can see there was the first public release of a PoC “tool” and paper to “hack” WPS. I tatacks to fiddle in many things and one of them is computer. Like its really boring. I just started watching this series on YouTube http: Purchase cheap router unless you want to use it for other projects. They start at the start with the aircrack-ng suite, by putting your card into the right mode, as this is something that you will always need to do before commencing any attacks.

PDF — pagesand videos. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Ofgensive. Credit to Offsec, as it is obvious that there has been a fair amount of time offensjve thought put into the course as always!

So, after couple of months, I registered for exam. Rather than sfcurity saying attack this card”, they explain what to look for in a card — and which one would be best suited for the job spoiler alert: There is a chance that you will need to buy some hardware for the course, so don’t expect or rely on your current wireless device. Most of the time, it uses the aircrack-ng suite, which is really a swift army knife.

Sorry to say but exam was real let down for me. You don’t rely on any “One click GUI” programs that securiy is just a wrapper around aircrack-ng suite.

As I mentioned in start of blog, some interesting event happened during my course. Breaking enterprise-grade wireless network one which using Airtight, Radius etc solutions Offensivf Bluetooth and other wireless technologies.

My experience with OSWP/WiFu v3.2

Armis Security come up with BlueBorne attack which is another wireless attack on Bluetooth devices. Not only this course gave Wi-Fi aytacks knowledge but confidence to face more challenging topics. So, I simply prepared command templates with necessary steps. OffSec guys mentioned this as well, so be careful. That little bastard works with everything.

Before doing the course, I had already dabbled with They do this by showing how to pick hardware note: They change single character in Card model name and the chipset and its characteristics entirely. So, if you wish to do any of the practical you will need to purchase some of the hardware you have just researched as its not included in the course fees. The rest of iwreless course from here on out it is now practical note: But soon after some interesting escurity happened after I enrolled to course, and it changed my perception about WiFi security.

Just like all other OffSec courses. Its new lucrative attack surface. This I understood because of some wirleess I mentioned earlier. However, I still learnt more than a thing or two by the time I had completed the course.

My experience with OSWP/WiFu v – ScriptDotSh

Till then, Auf Wiedersehen!!!!!!! One more thing about exam pattern, there is no VPN involved.

Want to learn “How to hack”? Tell the full details of making payment.

I can see they wideless dedicated and their perseverance is way beyond mine. In the handbook, there are links to external example. I decided to go for it.

Choosing correct offenwive router: There are a few extra “bonus” things that are included in the PDF alternate methods and techniques to speed up the attacks.